Sakara House

Sakara House is for anyone looking to start their healing journey and to improve the quality of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our vision is to teach adults and children about their energy field and how important it is to look after it for better focus, mental health, physical health and direction. We also help heal those who have gone through trauma in any part of their life, helping them rebuild themselves to emerge stronger.


Energy healing, Angelic healing or Reiki involves working on your personal energy field, and finding blockages (areas that are not flowing smoothly). This is done intuitively whereby the therapist releases the blockage and causes the flow to come back into balance.

We welcome all ages and walks of life, our youngest clients are just a few weeks old extends all the way up to people in their late eighties. 

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Caroline Kidd

I have been an entrepreneur all my life but setting up Sakara House has been my greatest achievement. I am a natural born healer and I love what I do.


Over the years, I have taken many courses in search of my calling. I am a certified a reiki master, crystal energy therapist, certified angelic healer/teacher, children’s yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, cognitive behaviour therapist to name but a few, but in fact all my life I’ve been an empath and healer. 


I work with all parts of the body as I am an intuitive the source of ailments and illnesses. Using a combination of techniques, I help release my clients from their emotional pain and shift stagnant energy that causes stress, anxiety and chaos, to help them start on their healing journey. 

I am finally on the right path and enjoy every minute with my clients. I look forward to teaching and helping people on the path of their own.