Business Clearing

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Course length

2-4 hours

Business  Clearing

Guided by

Caroline Kidd

About the course

Have you ever noticed that some outlets are always changing hands and others are there for years? Or that some businesses will be up and running but change premises? Buildings hold so much energy and the older they are and the more people that go through them the more energy they hold on to. Some are full of happiness and joy while other buildings are dull and negative.

If you are thinking of setting up your business, firstly - congratulations, this is a big decision and it is so important to get the right premises. Clearing a premise before you set up your business is the best option as you will know where to place items and what the energy is like in the building. Placing simple objects around your premises can attract and multiply your business or discourage people depending on how it's set up.

We offer a full clearing and report of the building and set it up for abundance and clear mind sets for all employees. We work on existing businesses also and can help with clearing and bringing in a few changes that can change the health and wellbeing of employees and bring in abundance.