Children's Yoga and Meditation (4 -12 y/o)

Course Price

€50 (6 weeks)

Course length

Weds & Thurs (16:00 - 17:00)

Children's Yoga and Meditation (4 -12 y/o)

Guided by

Caroline Kidd

About the course

Both yoga and meditation have such benefits for children of all ages: helping develop concentration, how to deal with build up of feeling (sadly one 1 in 5 children suffer with some form of mental illness). Meditation and yoga both help children to regain balance, calm into their lives and to build a practice they can carry with them for life, helping them to eliminate anxiety and stress from their lives as they grow.

Classes are broken up into sections: warm up, yoga and breathing practice, yoga game, meditation and reflection through play, colouring, sound. Weather permitting we try and do some of our class outside under our specially build area for outdoor activities.

There are many forms of meditation and it can become a fun activity for children to enjoy.

(€10 drop-in option available)