Land Clearing

Course Price


Course length

2-4 hours

Land Clearing

Guided by

Caroline Kidd

About the course

Land is full of emotion which it holds on to. This is why we feel so an ease walking through some fields and a feeling of heaviness in other areas. The Irish land is full of history, some have a touch of magic and others unfortunately are not so good. We all have a special place that we feel relaxed or energised when we visit.

If you want to build or set up a business on land, you should always get it checked. Or service offers a full check and we will tell you if the land will accept the idea. We will need to visit the site or get an eircode with clear maps to work on the area first to see if there is anything that causes problems. If the land does accept the change then the outcome will be great for all, if not then there will be problems, usually health, financial or emotional stress. We will do a full land clearing using only natural tools and intuition. We will show you where the best place is for you to build/start a business. We will give you a full report on what the findings are and if the ground is needing any nutrition to help stabilise its energy we will put healing into the earth.